About Jan van Trier

Jan van Trier

Inspired by the gentleman, the tough boy and authentic kids, Jan van Trier was born .... 

The makers of Jan van Trier® followed the slender silhouette of a special boy and developed a new, leading look in the field of boys clothing. The collection is characterized by the (un) pronounced cut and the use of the richest fabrics and haberdashery. The level of finishing is high and the fit has a lot of common ground with Italian men's fashion. An Italian underlines his own uniqueness with his wardrobe, not through extravagance, but through subtlety. A 'little gentleman's perception'; a men thing, but then for the little man ... Our little customers recognize the feeling, the status and the comfort. They choose themselves for Jan van Trier®, the compliments come from every angle.Jan van Trier® brings high-fashion with a 'classic twist' For example, every Jan van Trier® shirt is finished with a mouche (triangular split piece in the side seam of a shirt), a transversely placed lower buttonhole in orange. The tricots are characterized by deep v-neck shirts and each collection brings 'hip' jackets for every festive (more dressed) occasion. 

Jan van Trier® is the boy from the class where all girls are secretly in love with. It is a sporty, tough, graceful little guy who believes in his own wonderful, special world. Although Papa is still his great hero ...... 'Clothing has to make a child more beautiful' Jan van Trier brings high-fashion boys fashion with a 'classic twist'. All this is produced in Europe in a studio where craftsmanship is central and where attention is paid to detail.

Made in Europe, styled in Belgium with elegance